Grand Central Dispatch(GCD)-Part 1

  • Main queues: those queues run on the main thread and are serial queues. This is useful to update the UI after a task is done.
  • Global Queues: those are shared by the whole system, they are concurrent queues. This is useful for non UI tasks in background.
  • Custom Queues: can be either serial or concurrent, the developer can create them. This is useful for serial background work.

Global queues consists of 4 queues each with different priorities:

  • High.
  • Default.
  • low.
  • Background(lowest priority).

QoS consist of 4 classes:

  • User interactive: This must run on the main thread, use it for small UI updates or handling small workloads in order to have a great user experience. Tasks here must end immediately.
  • User initial: Use this when a user starts a task from the UI, and he’s waiting for fast results , and for tasks that are required to continue UI
  • Utility: This is used for long running tasks , like API calls.
  • Background: Use this for any work the user is not aware of. like prefetching data, or any work that doesn’t require any user interaction and tasks not related to time condition.



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Ali Jaber

Ali Jaber


iOS Engineer with more than 3 years experience in developing mobile apps in both swift and objective C for both local and international customers